Russ Berrie Teddy Bear : Russ Bear : Basil - 48cm

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  • Manufactured by: Russ Berrie


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Russ Berrie / Russ Toys : Teddy Bear

Basil - Adorable Firm Teddy Bear


Introducing Basil, the lovable Russ Berrie Teddy Bear that will melt your heart. Standing tall at 48cm (19 inches) from the top of his head to the base of his feet, Basil is a true companion you'll adore.

Basil is crafted with exceptional quality, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that Russ Berrie is known for. Unlike floppy teddy bears, Basil is a firm bear who maintains his sitting position, adding a touch of character to his adorable demeanor.

Made with soft and huggable materials, Basil is perfect for cuddling and cherishing. If he needs a little freshening up, simply surface wash him and he'll be ready for more adventures.

Basil will be carefully packaged and delivered to you in a sturdy box, ensuring he arrives in perfect condition.

Bring home the enchantment of Basil, the firm and delightful Russ Berrie Teddy Bear, and experience the joy of having a loyal friend by your side.


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