Himalayan / Siamese Cat - Russ Berrie - Yomiko - 16 inch

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Russ Berrie - Siamese / Himalayan

Stuffed Toy Cat - 16 inch


Meet our adorable Russ Berrie Siamese/Himalayan Stuffed Toy Cat, the perfect companion for cat lovers! This plush cat is made with a very silky and soft texture, making it irresistible to touch and cuddle.

Measuring 16 inches from the tip of the front paw to the tip of the back paw, this plush cat is just the right size for snuggling and playtime adventures. With its lightweight and floppy design, it's easy to carry and hold.

The realistic detailing of the Siamese/Himalayan breed adds to the charm of this plush toy. From its expressive face to its adorable paws, every feature has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of these beloved cats.

With a length of 13 inches from nose to behind, this plush cat provides a generous size for hugging and cuddling. It's the perfect companion for cozy nights and imaginative play.

The Russ Berrie Siamese/Himalayan Stuffed Toy Cat is surface washable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. It comes carefully packaged in a box to ensure its safe delivery to your doorstep.

Experience the joy of having a lifelike and cuddly Siamese/Himalayan cat by adding this Russ Berrie plush to your collection. Order now and let the snuggles begin!

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