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Catch Me If You Can - Board Game


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Board Game - Catch Me If You Can


The Great Chase Game Where Each Player Has 3 Runners & 1 Ghost.

Contents ... * One plastic Game board * Coloured pegs * Coloured ghosts

Each player selects 1 ghost and 3 runners of the same colour and places them at the GO position.

Players take turns to roll the dice, a peg can only move from GO if it shows the numbers 2, 4 or 6.

The ghost must be the first peg to move.

Players take turns and move in the direction of the arrows, the dice denotes the number of spaces to be moved. If the space in front is occupied by a peg of another colour, then a player cannot move a runner into that space, if the peg in front is of the same colour than the peg can be placed on top of the other peg.

If a peg lands on a forked arrow, then it an automatically jump to the next forked arrow.

When a runner is close to its destination, the player needs to pop the dice showing any 3 numbers (which arrives inside the destination) to get that runner home safe and sound.

N.B. There are also special rules for ghosts.

The player to get all 3 runners to the destination position is the winner !

The ghost is never returned to the destination zone.

Box is 13 x 10.5 inches.

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